Challenges to Effectiveness of Email

Published December 2, 2010 by David Wilson

According to Marketing Sherpa survey here are a number of key challenges facing email marketers as they try and create effective email communications. It's disappointing to see people talking about the same old factors with regard to email.

Top of the tree came the process of generating decent content, still a big problem across all of marketing. The key for me is that having to create a regular enewsletter means that you trawl around for stories at a certain point in time and publish them regardless of quality. This means that the purpose of the email is only to touch your database and not actually be truly engaging or relevant. A better tactic is to share great content as and when you get it and not be tied to strict schedules for sends.

Another factor that appeared high in the survey results was email deliverability, this is a dark art which many people perceive as a problem but in truth there is not a huge amount you can do about it once you've got your program up and running, better to focus on the things you can influence.

Quantifying ROI appears second and is a corporate issue which we really should have all got over by now, I don't remember anyone putting too much scrutiny on all the jollies, events and incentives that the budget was wasted on a few years ago. Email is so fundamental to a marketing strategy that we have to move the conversation on from here.

The other 'biggy' on the list was getting people to opt in to your lists, business really need to take a look at themselves and face up to the fact that they are not that interesting, you really have to earn people's attention nowadays and inbox real estate is even more valuable than before. I believe the focus should be on what you're doing to help the people that are already on your list. Worry less about the number of people on the list and concentrate on builing quality, list growth should then look after itself.