Email Marketers Keep Up with Latest Trends

Published October 8, 2010 by David Wilson

US marketers are no slouches when it comes to integrating new technologies and tactics with their email marketing efforts, a survey by email marketing service JangoMailof email marketers found that the vast majority of respondents used advanced features like integration with Google Analytics or geo-tracking analysis to increase campaign effectiveness. Just 11.8% of email marketers reported never or seldom using such techniques.

They were slightly more likely to ignore email segmentation, a valuable tactic that can increase the relevance of communications for recipients and avoid cluttering inboxes with unwanted messages. More than two in five email marketers reported always segmenting their email lists, and another quarter did so regularly.

Email marketing solutions provider Lyris surveyed US online and email marketers, agencies and Lyris customers in June, with similar findings. Seven in 10 respondents reported using email segmentation, with a further 14% planning to do so in the future. Web analytics were even more popular.

So if you're not doing this stuff you are now officially behind the times!

Posted in: Measurement, Strategy.