Enewsletters as valid as ever...

Published October 12, 2010 by David Wilson

A report from Emarketer Daily shows that email still beats social for keeping in touch with people, especially in older age groups. The long term worry for email has to be that the next generation rely much more on social networks for their information and online communications.

However email is not going away and the format, which is proven, is still a winner when it comes to brand awareness, ecommerce and customer loyalty. Your connection with customers through an enews is much stronger and will yield much more return than a poke! As long as you're following good practice on segmentation, delivering quality content and maintain a conversational and friendly approach then an enewsletter is still one of the key weapons in your arsenal.

Obviously in the ideal world you should be nurturing both channels and using them for the appropriate communication as you go. Horses are indeed for courses as they say.

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Posted in: Social Networks, Strategy.