Integrating Social Media into Email

Published June 14, 2010 by David Wilson

It's easy to say that you should be doing more integration with social networks but mich harder to show real results and prove any kind of ROI. At the moment you have to trust that doing something is better than doing nothing, so here are a few things you could be doing to get your email newsletters working a bit harder:

  • Add social sharing buttons to your email stories, allowing readers to share the story in one click will drive awareness of your content and extend your reach to new prospects
  • Test content or campaigns by creating a dialogue on a social network to drive feedback, then link the results to an email
  • Provide a link (with an incentive) to your email sign up page on your social network pages, but remember to keep those people segmented so they see tailored versions of news stories and offers which are more relevant to them
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