The Added Dimension of Mobile Email...

Published July 31, 2011 by David Wilson

I had an interesting experience recently when I picked my email up on my iphone while on a family holiday. I hadn't realised how many email newsletters I'd signed up for, or more accurately allowed myself to be opted in to and not bothered to unsubscribe. I generally file emails of no interest that come in rather than delete or unsubscribe. But on you smart phone that really isn't a great option as you download all the headers of every email, over the course of a week I probably deleted around 300 emails that were not of interest. By the end of the holiday of 9 days I had 10 emails that actually needed my attention.

Needless to say I spent a good hour or so unsubscribing from 40 or so email newsletters which I hadn't been reading and I've created some rules to auto file some that I can refer to as time allows. My inbox is a lot lighter and easier to deal with, and all because I went on holiday with my iphone. A salutary lesson for someone who uses email marketing as part of their job, the watch words are still relevance and frequency.

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